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Do You Have What It Takes To Be on Financial TV or Radio?

National and Local Media

March Media Relations has the connections to get you the broadcast coverage you want – with both national and local audiences. Our clients have appeared on CNBC, Fox News Channel, Fox Business News, Bloomberg TV, PBS-TV and on local and nationally syndicated radio talk shows.

Radio PR

Radio PR is often overlooked, but it’s a great way to get your message to thousands – without the need to travel to another city or state. Radio interviews can be done over the phone while you are at home or at your business. New technologies have made it easier for guests to be part of a radio talk show, but it’s not always easy to impress a financial talk-show host.

Preparation for Your Radio Interview

Developing a “Media Hook”

Your pitch about your book must be crafted to grab the attention of a talk-show host in 2 or 3 seconds – that’s called a “media hook.” It’s important to know the audience:

  • Sophisticated financial investors – Talk about the details of your program, such as investment strategies, how you choose stocks, etc.
  • Personal finance-oriented listeners – Tailor your message to a broader common denominator – perhaps how to save money on taxes, or what’s the best financial vehicle to use.

The right “media hook” will resonate directly with the most popular financial talk-show hosts – and you’ll have a lot of fun talking about your book, right from your own home or office.

Establishing You as An Expert

Unlike PR firms that pride themselves in scheduling “quick hit” interviews, March Media Relations takes your public relations image to a new level – one that is lasting and gives you the reputation of being a “hot” radio guest over time.

Become a Popular Guest

Your book opens the door to get your first appearance, but what you want is to be asked back again and again. As a popular guest, you’ll be heard by thousands of people who will want to visit your website.

Your book message now has legs – as we say in the PR business – and will take you a long way toward engaging the radio listeners to learn more about your products and services.

TV Public Relations

March Media Relations has a strong relationship with the editorial teams at the nation’s leading financial broadcasters. We have a unique insight into the specific editorial needs and requirements of the major news outlets.

Our publicity strategies have earned regular and repeated media exposure for our clients – and if you are “media-genic,” the same can happen for you.

Services We Provide for Radio and/or TV Exposure:

  • Developing a pitch and crafting a story idea
  • Devising a media hook or timely message
  • Creating winning press releases
  • Providing media training
  • Arranging New York media and television exposure
  • Compiling specialized media lists
  • Setting up local television and cable contacts
  • Telephoning, email contact, booking and follow-up

Your next radio or TV interview could be only a phone call away.

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